Accepting the Great Responsibility of Caring for Your Children

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Child Care Center

As a locally-owned-and-operated child care center in  Massachusetts, Guild of St. Agnes recognizes the importance of a child's first five years. Your child's future and quality of life may very well be determined by the connection to nutrition, health maintenance, and the development of cognitive and social skills.

Fostering Child Development

We provide a safe and loving environment for children ages four weeks to 12 years old. Our teachers are trained professionals and are certified through the Department of Early Education and Care.

The philosophy at Guild of St. Agnes is based on the theories of Jean Piaget, Howard Gardner, and Lev Vygotsky. These theories state that children learn through play and interaction.

Our learning areas allow children to interact with peers, adults, and the environment.

Early Education Programs:

• Infant & Toddler Care • Family-Based Child Care • School-Age Care • Preschool Care


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